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Tifached said...
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Well.. i got sick this weekend, couldnt go to work so i surfed a bit more than usual and stumbled upon some resident evil 4 pc mods. Hi-res movies,hi res textures, stuff like that. Played a bit with that, then turned back to steam and played a few rounds of zombie panic followed by zombies mod for cod4..

all was fine and dandy untill i figured out that its time to go to sleep.. the problem is that my room is in the attic.. its about 1 in the morning, its cold outside, the street lights are very dim.. the fog is also present..
i need to cross about 2-3 meters of room..from my PC rig to my bed.. i have the lights on..but its dead quiet here and im kinda thinking "whats wrong with this picture, the zombies could jump at me at any time"

Im not a kid and i dont think i get scared that easily, but maybe i overdid it a bit today with the zombies :)
Zombie Panic! Source

Zombie Panic! Source (PC)

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